⚡️More than 30 children visit the day center every day, where they receive hot food, help in learning, development and useful leisure time
⚡️The day center has an organized space for studying children who do not have the opportunity to study at home
⚡️daily help with homework for 7 children.
⚡️22 children visited the planetarium.
⚡️63 children took an active part during the holiday in honor of September 1.
⚡️4 families visited the Dnipro History Museum.
⚡️10 families took part in master classes.
⚡️4 creative master classes for children of the day care center.
⚡️The foundation and the church congratulated 7 first-graders on the holiday with gifts.
⚡️6 children have started classes in the theater studio, 7 children are continuing their studies.
⚡️Our ward received a bicycle for his birthday.
⚡️51 families and 69 children visited the parents’ club in September.
⚡️5 children attended the event in honor of the city day. “Plate of happiness”.
⚡️The family of the foundation received a new playpen for the child.
⚡️22 families received new blankets and pillows.
⚡️A family of the fund received furniture: a sofa, an armchair and a table.
⚡️Radio Liberty of Ukraine TV channel made a story about the children of immigrants living in the fund
⚡️12 children received stationery for education
⚡️The teenager were accompanied during medical examinations.
⚡️4 girls visited the excursion in the city of Lviv.
⚡️3 birthdays were celebrated at the fund.
⚡️4 culinary master classes for children of the day care center.
⚡️5 teenagers took part in the “META-transition” training.