Charitable projects

The aim of the project is to support families with children who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, to help overcome these circumstances and to help create a safe environment and favorable conditions for the child’s development in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Our fund is represented in the interagency working group to develop a regional strategic plan for reforming the institutional care and education of children in Dnipropetrovsk region for 2018-2026, which is designed to implement the National Strategy for reforming the institutional care and education, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of 09.08. 2017 No 526-r

To broaden the horizons, raise self-esteem, physical and emotional development of the foundation’s teenagers, we conduct periodic trips of groups of teenagers to different cities of Ukraine

During these trips, our wards learn to communicate in a team with each other and with adults, learn to find solutions in unusual situations, learn to overcome obstacles and their own limitations.

After such trips, children feel their own dignity and ability to be stronger and have new skills for life

We regularly hold sports competitions in football and volleyball on the territory of the orphanage. For orphans, it is emotional relief and physical development

You can support the fund’s projects

It is a place where orphans and children and families who find themselves in difficult life circumstances come every day.
In the day centers, the wards of the foundation receive food, useful leisure, educational assistance, psychological and spiritual assistance and harmonious development through master classes, training and useful leisure.
Mentoring is a friendship between one adult and one child. Regular weekly meetings on or after the boarding school.
We professionally select mentors for children in boarding schools.

We invite caring people to a financial partnership!