What does it take to get into training and become a mentor?

1. Fill in the questionnaire

2. Come for a consultation (when exactly, we agree by phone)

3. Based on the results of the consultation, we will give the following simple steps 🙂

Friendly advice: you will need to collect some documents before the training, so do not hesitate to come to the consultation 🙂

How to become a Mentor?

Mentoring is a voluntary gratuitous activity of a mentor to prepare an orphan child for independent living by developing his potential, self-confidence, defining life goals, forming human relationships, cultural, moral and spiritual values.

The minimum commitment of the mentor is to visit the child once a week for an hour during the year.

What is this program for:

The children in the boarding school are lonely because they do not have at least one significant adult.
But there is an effective Mentoring program for these children! When one adult comes to a children’s institution once a week to one child and becomes for her a mentor, an adult friend!

Who can mentor:

An adult able-bodied person who has been trained and has received an opinion on the possibility of being a mentor to a child in a boarding school.

How can a mentor help a child?

1. Learning assistance. The tutor can help to prepare homework, show how to search for information on the Internet and use it, as well as provide new knowledge that will broaden the horizons of the child and will be useful in learning.

2. Socialization. Surprisingly, many everyday things for us, which we do not even pay attention to, for a child from a boarding school can be completely unfamiliar. For example, children from boarding schools sometimes do not know how to make tea, where milk comes from and have never seen raw eggs! After all, they go to the dining room for lunch, where they are served everything ready. The basic things that ordinary children learn throughout their lives in families may be unfamiliar to a boarding school child.

Socialization should also help children learn to make their own decisions, because boarding school is a system with its own regime and agenda. In a boarding school for children, everything is decided by the system: when to wake up, when to eat, when to prepare lessons or play, and when to go to bed.

3. Career guidance. It will be aimed at children who will enter vocational schools, technical schools or universities. The mentor will help to decide on the choice of profession, educational institution, will teach you to write a resume necessary for finding a job.

What documents need to be collected?

Certificate of no criminal record (can be ordered dpvs.hsc.gov.ua)


If you have any questions, please call: 0635702931 Maxim

You will succeed! We will help!

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