🔻132 families are supported by the fund.
Product sets in October received:
🔹290 – Children
🔸224 – Adults
▪️10 – families of immigrants
▪️14 – foster families
▪️51 – large families
▪️12 – families with children with disabilities
▪️45 – families in difficult life circumstances.
⭐️ We celebrated 3 years of the day center with children of the foundation
⭐️ More than 30 children visit the day center every day, where they receive hot food, help with their studies, development and useful leisure time
⭐️ 10 families visited the opera and ballet theater.
⭐️ 38 families and 50 children visited the parents’ club in October
⭐️ 13 children of the day center and 2 families of the SZHO took an active part in the holiday “Cossack entertainment
⭐️ 8 children visited the youth theater together with their parents.
⭐️ 1 family was placed in a shelter due to domestic violence.
⭐️ 18 children took part in the “Gender-Party” of our employee
⭐️ 16 children of the day care center and 8 families of the SZHO visited the attractions in Globa Park.
⭐️ 4 teenagers became permanent participants of the economic game “Rat Race”.
⭐️ 17 families and 18 children took part in the foundation’s master classes.
⭐️ Conducted career guidance for 3 teenagers.
⭐️ 5 children of the day care center continue to participate in IT courses
⭐️ 5 families took part in the “Prevention of emotional burnout” training
⭐️ For a drug-addicted mother, a consultation with a narcologist regarding treatment was held
⭐️ 1 mother was involved in the treatment of a socially dangerous disease
⭐️ Employment assistance for 1 mother