🔻151 families are supported by the foundation, which educates 298 children 👼🏻
▪️ 34 – families of immigrants.
▪️ 28 – foster families.
▪️ 45 – large families.
▪️ 9 – families with children with disabilities.
▪️ 2 – families of fallen servicemen.
▪️33 – families in difficult life circumstances.
🍁 about 20 children visit the foundation’s day care centers every day
🍁 45 families received help in the form of food kits, vitamins for children and hygiene products.
🍁 3 teenagers took part in an art therapy class on the topic “Friendship”.
🍁 10 children visited the Botanical Garden and received gifts from the Cathedral District administration.
🍁 11 children spent time in the quest room with interest.
🍁 33 families deepened their knowledge in the field of raising children in our parents’ club.
🍁 71 children visited the theater studio in November.
🍁 82 people received psychological support in a self-help group for IDPs.
🍁 59 teenagers visited a therapeutic self-help group.
🍁 25 children attended a psychological group.
🍁 43 children actively spent time in the children’s space
🍁 4 children attended the “Emotions and Tree of Strength” class.
🍁 12 children passed the training “Preparedness and protection in case of conflict” from the NGO “Martin Club”.
🍁 1 child is placed in the “Preparation for school” class.
🍁 During November, 27 children attended classes for the youngest.
🍁 7 people received individual counseling from a psychologist.
🍁Together with the GURT Resource Center, a three-day training “Start your business” was held for 22 entrepreneurs.
🍁 11 teenagers attended a culinary workshop on shawarma preparation.
🍁 16 people attended the screening of the cartoon “The Lion King”.
🍁 1 child received new lenses for glasses.
🍁 13 children passed the training “Risks associated with explosive objects”.
🍁 5 children made their own creative crafts for military personnel.
🍁 1 family was rehabilitated from cockroaches.
🍁 2 children visited the salt room for asthma prevention.
🍁 14 people visited the planetarium.
🍁 1 family took part in psychological training.
🍁 5 children got to know the animation of drawings in practice.
🍁 3 children received school supplies for school classes.
🍁 1 family received the services of a hairdresser.
🍁 1 family received a consultation from specialists of the mobile brigade on combating violence in the family.
🍁 6 families attended the meeting “Resource search” by the psychologist of the mobile brigade.
🍁 3 children attended the creative master class “Creative Santa”.
🍁 5 girls attended the class “Behavior at the table”.
🍁 3 of our employees received a certificate of competence “Self-help for restoring and supporting the capacity of communities”.
🍁 6 children decorated the day center for the New Year holidays.
🍁 4 children attended a master class on making magnets.
🍁 4 families visited the performance “The Phantom of the Opera”.
🍁 37 people visited the tactile zoo.
🍁 Financially covered the basic needs of 11 families: clothing, hygiene, food, stationery, and more.