🔻124 families are supported by the fund.
Product sets received:
🔹279 – Children
🔸212 – Adults
▪️10 – families of immigrants
▪️13 – foster families
▪️51 – a large family
▪️11 – families with children with disabilities
▪️39 – families in difficult life circumstances.
⭐️More than 30 children visit the day center every day, where they receive hot food, help with their studies, development and useful leisure time
⭐️5 families visited the opera and ballet theater.
⭐️19 families visited the Parents’ Club.
⭐️33 children took part in the foundation’s creative master classes.
⭐️5 children of the day care center attend IT courses.
⭐️4 SZHO families attended an individual consultation with a psychologist.
⭐️We celebrated the child’s birthday at the day care center.
⭐️Preparation for the Christmas performance with the participation of the families of the foundation’s wards has begun
⭐️We started making advent calendars for Christmas by the ward families
⭐️2 families were helped with winter clothes for children.
⭐️Bought a corset to correct the teenager’s posture.
⭐️3 children received dental services.
⭐️An orphan who came from the city of Bakhmut was taken to live in an orphanage
⭐️A new fund project was launched where 36 children who arrived without their parents from the occupied territories will receive psychological, material and adaptive services from the fund