?152 families received a grocery set where live
?358 children

✅ 154 families received food kits
These families have 360 children
✅ 23 people were found housing in Dnipro / helped with moving.
✅ 4 families were provided with household items (fridge / bed / wardrobe / bed linen)
✅ 19 children visited the tactile zoo.
✅ 13 families took part in parents’ club
✅ The children from the foundation prepared 8 boxes of cakes for our military
✅ 12 children visited «Sich» Park and fed animals
✅ 10 children went hiking
✅ 15 teenagers took part in the Mafia Party
✅ 4 families with difficult life circumstances (DLC) visited the botanical garden excursion
✅ 3 master classes were held for children of the day center
✅ 13 families with difficult life circumstances (DLC) and 24 children celebrated Children’s Day in the Dnipro Cristian church
✅ 9 mothers and 9 children received individual help from the foundation’s psychologist
✅ 152 DLC families have already signed agreements with the fund. Employees of the fund assess the needs of these families
✅ 3 children from the Lysychansk sport boarding school settled down to live in the fund. 1 of them has already taken part in charity wrestling competitions and took 1st place