🔻 162 families are supported by the foundation, where 317 children are being raised 👼🏻
▪️ 37 – families of immigrants.
▪️ 29 – foster families.
▪️ 43 – large families.
▪️ 8 – families with children with disabilities.
▪️ 2 – families of fallen servicemen.
▪️ 43 – families in difficult life circumstances
🌷 33 children visit the foundation’s day centers every day
🌷 44 families received help in the form of food kits and hygiene products
🌷 40 people were able to use the sensory corner to relax and calm the nervous system
🌷 5 teenagers received new jackets as a gift
🌷 48 kids, during march, attended classes for the youngest
🌷 15 children visited the theater studio during march
🌷 19 children took an active part in the creative master class
🌷 9 people visited the “Dandelion” laser show
🌷 32 families deepened their knowledge of parenting in our parent club
🌷 64 people received psychological support in a self-help group for IDPs
🌷 14 families received seasonal clothes as a gift
🌷 22 people attended art therapy classes
🌷 10 people received hairdressing services for free
🌷 The wards of the foundation received new knowledge at the “Parenthood in joy” training
🌷 23 teenagers visited a therapeutic self-help group
🌷 The ward of the foundation, preparing for the performance, recorded a song in a recording studio
🌷 2 children performed a choreographic number on stage for the first time
🌷 3 families receive firewood for heating
🌷 6 teenagers visited a therapeutic self-help group
🌷 1 ward of the fund was helped to get a job
🌷 1 ward took 1st place in the aerial gymnastics competition
🌷 16 children actively spent time playing bowling
🌷 15 people received LED lamps as a gift
🌷 28 children visited the cartoon in the cinema
🌷 1 ward of the foundation attended vocal classes for free
🌷 10 children from the day center went on a hike along the Dnipro River
🌷 18 guardians attended the training “Combating domestic violence” by the Dnipro police
🌷 8 children as part of the “Professional Orientation” project attended the training “What to do if you are stopped by the police”
🌷 29 children actively spent their time riding rides in the Globa Park
🌷 8 children of the project attended 64 additional classes
🌷 The day care center from the left bank moved to a new premises
🌷 12 people received individual counseling from a psychologist
🌷 4 children took an active part in the T-shirt painting master class
🌷 Financially covered the basic needs of 14 families: clothing, hygiene, food, stationery and other