🔻 126 families are supported by the fund. Of them, 99 families received food packages🙌
🔹 227 – Children
🔸 168 – Adults Including:
▪️ 10 – families of immigrants
▪️ 13 – foster families
▪️ 41 – are large family
▪️ 8 – families with children with disabilities
▪️ 27 – families in difficult life circumstances.
🌷 Wards of the foundation visit day centers every day, where they receive help in studies, hot meals, useful leisure time and development
🌷 1 family attended the “ВОНАхаб” meeting on the topic of career growth.
🌷 28 children took an active part in the culinary master class.
🌷 33 families with 46 children visited our Parents’ Club.
🌷 13 families were provided with clothes and shoes.
🌷 3 families attended a musical performance in honor of March 8.
🌷 35 people visited the planetarium.
🌷 21 children took part in a series of creative master classes.
🌷 5 people visited the Opera and Ballet Theater.
🌷 17 children actively spent time in the “XRoom” quest room.
🌷 Registration of the family to the rehabilitation center.
🌷 4 children took part in the city readers’ competition, for the birthday of T.G. Shevchenko (Two of them took 3rd place).
🌷 1 family was provided with a microwave oven.
🌷 50 children received laptops for studying.
🌷 14 children attended the “comic improvisation” training.
🌷 59 people visited. Tactile Zoo “Zveropolis”.
🌷 Assistance to the family in employment.
🌷 13 psychological consultations were held for the families of the fund.
🌷 21 children actively spent time on the ice rink.
🌷 21 children attended drawing classes.
🌷 5 children took part in art therapy.
🌷 15 people visited a country excursion to a cheese factory.
🌷 11 children actively spent time on the climbing wall in the “Caravan” shopping center.
🌷 12 children from the “Maximum” day center visited the aerospace center.
🌷 7 children actively attend the theatre group in the day center on the left bank
🌷 6 children regularly receive help with their homework in our day care center.
🌷 Аccompanying children of the foundation to specialized doctors. (dentist, dermatologist). Comprehensive treatment.
🌷 Covering the financial needs of 14 families: food, clothing, medicines, stationery and shoes.
🌷 Theatrical Studio took part in the city competition “Theatrical Horizons”. (We passed the first qualifying round 💪🏻)
🌷 One family attended the “Parenthood in Joy” training for caregivers.
🌷 Our ward received the “Miss Artistry” award in the city contest “Miss and Mister”.