✅ 155 families received food kits 362 children are raised in these families
✅ 5 master classes were held for children of the day care center and families of the DLC .
✅ 41 families with 70 children visited the parent club.
✅ 13 children of the day center went on a hike to the beach.
✅ 10 teenagers took part in the Mafia party.
✅ 28 children visited the cinema to watch a movie.
✅ 16 children celebrated their birthday with us in Shevchenko Park
✅ 2 of our wards won two second places in the “artistic reading” contest.
✅ 9 mothers and 7 children received individual help from the psychologist of the foundation.
✅ 5 children from our families have been assigned to the city camp.
✅ 1 family helped launch the process of registration of multiple children.
✅ 1 family was accompanied to a consultation with a speech therapist-defectologist.
✅ 1 family helped start treatment.
✅ 12 children took part in training about explosives