🔻 143 families are supported by the foundation, which educates 286 children 👼🏻
▪️ 37 – families of immigrants.
▪️ 36 – foster families.
▪️ 43 – large families.
▪️ 7 – families with children with disabilities.
▪️ 20 families in difficult life circumstances.
☀️ 22 children visit the day center on the left bank and 15 on the right bank every day.
☀️ 34 families received help in the form of food kits, vitamins for children and hygiene products.
☀️ 34 children attended classes for the youngest.
☀️ 47 children are actively spending time in a part-time summer camp.
☀️ 23 children visit the theater studio.
☀️ 28 families visited the parent club.
☀️ 6 families had the opportunity to make a clay product together with their children.
☀️ 69 people received love and support at our self-help meetings.
☀️ 1 child took 1st place in a sports competition.
☀️ 18 children visited the cinema.
☀️ 9 children gained new knowledge at the “I and my body” class.
☀️ 12 children attended a culinary master class on food preparation
☀️ 13 children took an active part in the lesson “I and my health”. They learned about the benefits of daily routine, proper nutrition, sports and hygiene.
☀️ 16 children were treated to a movie screening of famous cartoons in the premises of the day care center.
☀️ 6 children attended a drawing class.
☀️ 6 mothers mastered breathing practices with a coach
☀️ 8 children watched the stars through a real telescope.
☀️ 8 children learned about the power of their own and other people’s emotions at a developmental activity at the day centre.
☀️ 11 children gained new knowledge at the “Me and my safety” class.
☀️ 10 children made a creative work on the theme “Water Peace”.
☀️ 10 teenagers tried their hand at drawing a portrait.
☀️ 8 children attended the “Me and my family” class.
☀️ 35 people received positive emotions from a visit to the tactile zoo.
☀️ 50 people actively spent time riding the rides in the park named after Globes.
☀️ 18 children received practical knowledge of making jelly candies.
☀️ 11 children passed a super quest where they had to join teams and think outside the box and creatively.
☀️ 12 children actively spent time playing sea fun. No one got out of the water dry)
☀️ 14 children actively showed themselves at a dance event in the day center.
☀️ 17 children attended the educational activity “I and my country”.
☀️ 19 teenagers actively spent time in mobile games
☀️ 9 teenagers took an active part in personal development trainings.
☀️ 15 children attended a master class on making lollipops
☀️ 3 girls attended the OpSafe camp for a week.
☀️ Financial needs of 13 families were met: clothing, hygiene, food, stationery, bed linen and others.