Report for January 2023
🔻124 families are supported by the fund.
Of them, 98 families received food packages🙌
🔹221 – Children
🔸158- Adults
▪️10 – families of immigrants
▪️13 – foster families
▪️38 – large families
▪️8 – families with children with disabilities
▪️29 – families in difficult life circumstances.
🎄 106 children of the foundation attended the Christmas party and received gifts.
🎄 Сelebrated the New Year with the children.
🎄 40-50 children visit the foundation’s day centers every day, where they receive help with their studies, hot meals, useful leisure time and development
🎄 Accompanying the family to obtain a residence permit in the apartment
🎄 9 families received professional counseling from a psychologist.
🎄 We agreed on free speech therapist services for 1 family
🎄 26 families visited the parent club
🎄 18 children took an active part in a series of creative master classes.
🎄 10 children visited the cinema.
🎄 10 children received hairdressing services for free.
🎄 Support of one family in dispensary.
🎄 2 families took an active part in the creative competition “Happy family – happy country”.
🎄 Purchased glasses for 1 sub-cell
🎄 15 children took part in a culinary master class
🎄 9 teenagers took an active part in a series of meetings on the topic:
“Career Orientation”.
🎄 9 families attended archery classes.
🎄 9 children took part in art therapy classes with a psychologist
🎄 14 people visited the interactive museum of the history of the Dnipro.
🎄 Escorting 2 teenagers to the trauma center.
🎄 1 teenager was employed.
🎄 15 children visited a support group for teenagers from SZHO families.
🎄 17 parents started the “Fundamentals of the Family” course.
🎄 2 families received advice from a narcologist.
🎄 Accompanying two children during the medical examination.
🎄 7 families received winter items for children.
🎄 7 families received the necessary medicines
🎄 We provided a large family with winter hats and gloves
🎄 Closing the financial needs of 9 families: clothes, shoes, stationery, power bank, blankets, pillows, blankets, food, English language school.