🔻128 families are supported by the fund.
Of them, 89 families received food packages🙌
🔹 207 – Children
🔸 143- Adults
▪️ 11 families of immigrants
▪️ 11- foster families
▪️ 36- large families
▪️ 6- families with children with disabilities
▪️ 25 families in difficult life circumstances.
⚡️ 40-50 children visit the foundation’s day centers every day, where they receive help in learning, hot meals, useful leisure time and development
⚡️ 15 children attended archery classes.
⚡️ 15 children took an active part in the culinary master class.
⚡️ 8 families visited our parent club.
⚡️ 43 children took an active part in creative master classes.
⚡️ 4 families joined the “Fundamentals of the Family” course.
⚡️ 2 children visited a speech therapist
⚡️ accompanying two children to specialized doctors.
⚡️ financing knee surgery for a teenager.
⚡️ 35 people visited the opera and ballet theater.
⚡️ 1 family was provided with medicine against colds.
⚡️11 children visited the tactile zoo in the park named after Globes.
⚡️ 23 children visited the museum of fascinating science.
⚡️ help for 1 family in preserving parental rights for children.
⚡️ received laptops to ensure children’s education
⚡️ help to a woman who suffered domestic violence.
⚡️ providing 1 child with a disability with a toilet chair.
⚡️ 7 people received qualified psychological help.
⚡️ 14 children went on an excursion to the “Olympic House” and played football with real football players.
⚡️ 5 teenagers took an active part in financial literacy training based on the game “Rat Race”.
⚡️ 18 people attended the folk festival in honor of the “Maslian” holiday.
⚡️ 4 children started a drawing course
⚡️ covering the financial needs of 16 families: food, clothing, hygiene products, stationery and shoes.
⚡️ regular help for the children of the day care center with their homework.
⚡️ financial assistance to a child in buying a phone for education.
⚡️ helped place a person in a rehabilitation center for alcohol/drug addicts.
⚡️ 9 children from the day care center attend English lessons.
⚡️ 8 children regularly attend the theater group.
⚡️ 8 children took an active part in art therapy classes.
⚡️ 10 children attended the “Christmas Miracle” concert in English.