🔻113 families are supported by the fund.
Product sets received:
🔹257 – Children
🔸196- Adults
▪️13 – families of immigrants
▪️16 – foster families
▪️46 – large families
▪️10 – families with children with disabilities
▪️28 – families in difficult life circumstances.
🎄 35 families and 48 children visited the parents’ club.
🎄 35 children attended a creative master class.
🎄 50 children visited the “Tactile Zoo”.
🎄 1 family took part in the city concert.
🎄 1 family attended a charity event in the “Caravan” shopping center.
🎄 50 people attended the screening of the cartoon “My Domestic Crocodile”.
🎄 1 family visited the New Year’s fairy tale “School of the Snow Queen”.
🎄 15 children attended the performance “Snow Queen”.
🎄 7 children took an active part in the preparation of the performance in the theater studio.
🎄 4 children attended the “Christmas Melodies” concert.
🎄 1 family took part in the event of planting Christmas trees in the city park.
🎄 22 children actively studied in the culinary master class.
🎄 32 children visited the roller rink and actively spent time rollerblading
🎄 9 families visited a support group with a psychologist.
🎄 8 individual consultations were conducted by a psychologist of our foundation
🎄 Accompanying the family in collecting the necessary documents for guardianship registration.
🎄 Covering the financial needs of 5 families: convector, bed linen, towels, stationery, medicines, toys and more.
🎄 Accompaniment of a teenager in the process of restoring a passport.
🎄 Accompaniment of a teenager to an orthopedic doctor.
🎄 49 children received Christmas gifts.
🎄 7 children took part in the Christmas concert in the church.
🎄 Watching a movie at the day center – 2 times.
🎄 20 children took an active part in Christmas Advent.
🎄 13 children attended the “I know the world” class.
🎄 Accompaniment of a teenager to the trauma center.
🎄 Emergency intervention in a family affected by violence.
🎄 We bought the necessary medicine for a child with disabilities
🎄 We opened the second day center of the fund on the left bank of the city, repaired it and equipped it with everything necessary