The boy from the orphanage openly talks about his life, difficulties and what became the main impetus for him to fight for his destiny and achieve success

Nikita’s story is a classic case of a child from a troubled family. He started smoking at the age of six. Then – steal metal to make money, because my mother was drunk. And so life led him to an orphanage. Bad life.

The director of the orphanage №1 mentions that Nikita was a very difficult child. He got to them “killed animal”. But after the orphanage’s “Maximum” charity mentoring program was introduced, Nikita changed dramatically.

Class teacher: “Children who have a mentor have a purpose in life. They are beginning to show interest in learning. ”

The teacher found a math teacher for the boy, supported him in everything. Now Nikita’s goal is to study in order to earn a living and put his younger brother on his feet.