In the boarding school she was told that she would not be able to finish even vocational school…

Now Nastya is a student of the Civil Engineering Academy, and no one in the boarding school believed that she would be able to study at least in a vocational school.

Nastya’s parents abandoned her at birth. At first she was sent to the baby’s house. Then to the orphanage. From an orphanage to a boarding school. After boarding school, the girl was sent to school without even asking for her consent.

During the picnic Nastya met her mentor. She invited the girl to show her what a family is. The mentor found a teacher of Ukrainian language and mathematics for Nastya. The girl began to receive good grades and graduated with honors.

Now Nastya is a student of the Construction Academy. He studies on a budget. Thanks to the mentor, who became Nastya’s mother, the girl was able not only to enter college, but also to study at the Academy.