From a wheelchair to a football goal… The difficult and amazing fate of an orphan!

This is Vlad. He is 18 years old. From the age of four he grew up in an orphanage. The mother left him because she was afraid of the child’s disability. His diagnosis was left hemiparesis, cerebral palsy.

Until the age of 7, Vlad was in a wheelchair. Doctors said the boy would not be able to walk. But at the age of 7, he got out of a wheelchair and began to take his first steps. And it dramatically changed his life. At the age of 9, Vlad was already playing football with other boys in an orphanage.

Thanks to the Maximum Charitable Foundation, Vlad met a good mentor and immediately asked him for a gift – goalkeeper gloves.

Vlad continued to play football, entered college. Although he studied poorly, many supported him. And the mentor in the first place. During the training, a man approached the guy and gave him a business card. He said he was the coach of the Paralympic football team and invited him to train.

That’s how a huge thirst for life can change everything.